Thursday, October 25, 2012

What we've been up to..

Punishment for not cleaning her room.

At the zoo with Anna's class!

Anyone remember what this gorilla was doing the last time I took it's picture?

Soccer practice...

Waiting for carpool

With friends after school..

Watching "Grease" the movie and prepping to be "Pink Lady's" for Halloween!

Emily's last at-bat for fall ball.

The look Casey gave me when I told her I had to get a shot..


How we watch football at the Knerr's! TV borrowed from neighbor. : )

Alabama Theater for moms night out!

Eating an early dinner before soccer practice..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Days..

Casey ready for the start of her first soccer game!

Casey, tired at halftime during her first soccer game! ; )

We went old-school at our house tonight and had our own "sweet tomatoes" salad bar... my kids' favorite restaurant in South Florida!

Ryan starting the Warrior Dash.

About to climb one of the obstacles...

Ryan is afraid of heights... I can see his white knuckles from here!

Jumping over fire with flair....

Swimming through the mudpit under barbed wire.


Big smile.

And big turkey leg to go with his big free beer!

Harper and Casey doing the "wobble" at the warrior dash post-party.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Sports!

Emily starting the 5K at the Head Over Teal to benefit the Laura Crandall Brown Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

Ryan coming towards the finish line.

My dad heading about to finish!

Emily, Elizabeth, and Ansley about to finish.

Partial Team Emily about to walk the 1 mile!

Emily's oncologist, Dr Pressey, ran for Team Emily.

Anna watching her older cousin Kathryn getting ready for Homecoming.

Emily's first softball game... Ryan is one of the coaches.

Down in Tuscaloosa for game day! Roll Tide!

OLD friends... Ryan and some of his fraternity brothers.

Emily enjoying the Quad in Tuscaloosa.

Anna's first soccer game- all of the Prince of Peace girls.