Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Colder Weather

Casey's reaction when we told her it might snow that night.

No snow on the ground, but a few flakes flying that she can see!

Went upstairs to take a pic of Anna sleeping, but all I can see is her hair- the rest of her is under the blanket not being illuminated at all by her nightlight- hence the grainy, difficult to see picture!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Week/Emily's Birthday

Amanda Knerr Photography at a holiday vendor show! Visit!

Sleepover at the hotel with their AG dolls..

The girls, their dolls, and their dolls new hairdos, ear piercings, and outfits. Cha-ching.

Two amazing chicks... Emily, ovarian cancer survivor, and Summer, AML survivor... spending their Thanksgiving morning giving HOPE to the families at Children's Hospital.

Wrigley having HOPE she will get a taste of that delicious fried turkey!

No comment.

This is how we roll.. according to the Horne's on Iron Bowl Day! Roll Tide!!

Happy 9th Birthday, Emily!!!

Thanksgiving week is always packed for us because it is also Emily's birthday week, with her birthday falling on the 27th of November. This year we didn't have a party, but instead went to Atlanta for a girls' trip to the American Girl store complete with a sleepover at a hotel nearby the store! They had a great time. Thanksgiving was full of fun as well, with the morning being spent at Children's Hospital feeding families and staff Thanksgiving dinner, then family time at home. Of course, the rest of the weekend was ruled by football, football, and more football- except for blowing out the candles tonight for E's birthday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love that Emily always entertains herself by being creative. Here she is making bracelets.

Friday, November 18, 2011


The last two weeks have been so busy and eventful that I have had photographer's block with my own family! Throw in an overnight stay at the hospital for me, and I have gotten really behind. I know I will look back at these photos and wish I had taken the time to be more creative and thoughtful when taking them, but oh well, that's life! I am now re-motivated and have some exciting, fun days coming up!

Self-portrait of Anna on my iphone.

Portrait of Anna's American Girl on my iphone- pretty impressed with her composition- she even used the rule of thirds!

The fall school craft projects have started rolling in. Here is Casey's Thankful Candle.

Casey being silly.

Fun at the park!

Anna's apple turkey.

More fun at the park with Anna's friend Harper.

He is going to kill me for this one- but it is a daily chore when you've got a golden retriever!!

Casey watching big sister in ballet.

Trying to keep Casey busy today while I "rest".

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The last week (or so)

Casey is learning to draw people! This is a picture of me...

Thursday I helped Natalie in her earring booth at Christmas Village. Here are a few of her gorgeous earrings!

Anna and her friend Izzie at their school fun run.

Emily and her friend Elizabeth at the fun run.

Self-explanatory. And it's paved with tears..... ; )

More artwork: Anna's family project, decorate a turkey

The Birmingham Zoo has 5 lion cubs! I took Casey to see them on Monday. They are so cute!

Casey checking out the lion cubs.
I've been so busy taking other families' pictures that I sometimes forget to take my own, or, honestly, sometimes don't have the desire! These are sub-par pics, but they do show what we have been up to!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Framing herself.

Proof that Daddy helped with pumpkins this year.

While scooping, Emily got a scoopful to the face!

Flower girl with her peace pumpkin.

Emily, Kathryn, and Isabella.

From left, Harper, Jacqueline, Jordan, Anna, Isabella, Daisy, Elizabeth, Casey, Emily, Kathryn, and Kemp.

I love my neighborhood! 18 kids pictured here and two toddlers had escaped.

Ultimate comfort food for the first day of November- ham and scalloped potatoes made by my mom!
We had such a fun and busy weekend! From my moms church group Halloween party on Friday, football on Saturday, pumpkin carving on Sunday, and trick or treating on Monday, I am ready for a break!