Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watermelon Girl

Anna loves some watermelon! Sometimes I have to make her stop eating it.
We will be gone again from tomorrow until August 8th! I will catch up once again when I return- heading to Wisconsin to see family- driving alone with the 3 kids. Should be interesting!

Taylor Swift

Last night we went to a friends' house for an awesome fish fry- they even had live music! At one point, Emily and her friends got up and sang some Taylor Swift into the microphone- here they are reading the lyrics from Ryan's phone. (it's a good thing because otherwise her face wouldn't have been lit enough for me to take a pic!!) Amazing how she's come out of her shell this summer...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Emily's PSA

Today we were able to participate in filming a PSA for the early detection of ovarian cancer. Emily was a natural behind the camera- here she is writing "I didn't know" on the wall for dramatic effect- she says in the film, "I didn't know.. that a little girl could get ovarian cancer." It was a moving morning, and even I was interviewed! I wasn't expecting it, and wouldn't you know my hair appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. Oh well!

Caught in the act...

Reaching for the Oreos!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catch up time again...

Fun on the wharf.

The children were allowed to pick out one thing from the toy store- anyone surprised Ava picked a pirate outfit?


At the Apple store waiting for Emily while she participates in Apple Camp- a filmaking workshop for kids.

How does she already know to open the Oreos and lick the filling?

One of my favorites from our brief portrait session on the Bay.
I admit it- I've cheated this past week. Since last Thursday, I have only taken 2 (yes, 2) pictures. We have been traveling so much this summer, and with only one week between trips this time, I just haven't even thought to pick up my camera. So, I chose some of my favorites from the Bayhouse to fill the days that I didn't take pictures. I feel guilty, but life happens! I promise this is the only time in almost 200 days that I've done this. So now I'm caught up through yesterday.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Baaack!!

Back from the bay with lots of pictures to share.. Thought I'd knock them out in one post, with captions.
The first sunset... we got to enjoy this view each night of our stay.

Feeding the crew- 7 children total!!!


This picture doesn't look like much, but anyone who knows Ryan knows why it's funny. He's setting the crab traps out in the water- notice the wake behind him as he's returning to the wharf.

Checking the crab traps.

Out to lunch.. this is the big kids' table. We had so many kids we had to split into 3 tables!


The wharf.. where we spent our days.

The house... where we spent our nights.

The whole crew on our last night!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We picked up Noah and Ava at the airport today because they are heading to the bay with us for 10 days!! These kids have always had a blast together. Once again, I won't have my computer or internet access so I'll have to catch up with the blog when we get back. I promise I'll take some great pics of the kids. It's easy at the bay because it is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Rainy 4th..

Well, we tried to do pool/cookout, but the weather and subsequent loss of power forced us to make other plans... like card games on the screen porch. Sometimes impromptu parties are the most fun.