Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crawfish Boil 2011

I wish I had pictures of the huge crowds, piles of crawfish; kids dancing on the stage, having their faces painted, bouncing in bounce-houses; Dr Pressey, his wife, and the director of oncology at Children's, Dr Watts eating crawfish; and all of the rest of the fun... but I didn't take my camera. I had too much fun socializing with old and new friends, eating tons of crawfish, helping at the entrance and exit, all while raising money for a cause so dear to my heart.. the Developmental Therapeutics Program at Children's Hospital and a fellow patient, Taylor Hendrix. I was afraid to leave my expensive camera sitting at a table while I mingled, so I took the night off. Here is Emily cooling off while we were setting up before the festivities began. Thank you, thank you, to everyone who came. It meant SO MUCH to me.

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