Sunday, June 26, 2011

Catch Up!!

The looooong ride home from Hawaii.

Happy Father's Day! Firing up the wood-burning pizza oven. He loves for me to take his picture...

Casey's "I'm chubby" face.

The best salad- Rachel Ray's Mexican Chunk Salad. Click the link to get the recipe!

Casey's "innocent" face.

Pizza oven in action.

Thanks Ateam Ministries for a fun art workshop for the girls!

Day 1 of Summer's Simple Pleasures: peach crisp made with Chilton County Peaches!
In the interest of catching up- I have posted all photos from the last week with a brief comment ! Taking pictures of day to day life after returning from a place as beautiful as Hawaii is not easy. In order to inspire myself, I have given myself a theme for the upcoming week(starting today): simple pleasures of summer. Stay tuned!

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