Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catch up time again...

Fun on the wharf.

The children were allowed to pick out one thing from the toy store- anyone surprised Ava picked a pirate outfit?


At the Apple store waiting for Emily while she participates in Apple Camp- a filmaking workshop for kids.

How does she already know to open the Oreos and lick the filling?

One of my favorites from our brief portrait session on the Bay.
I admit it- I've cheated this past week. Since last Thursday, I have only taken 2 (yes, 2) pictures. We have been traveling so much this summer, and with only one week between trips this time, I just haven't even thought to pick up my camera. So, I chose some of my favorites from the Bayhouse to fill the days that I didn't take pictures. I feel guilty, but life happens! I promise this is the only time in almost 200 days that I've done this. So now I'm caught up through yesterday.

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  1. I love the Apple store pic...such concentration!