Thursday, February 23, 2012

Enjoying the nice weather!

Watching cartoons before school. With Lamby and thumb.

It's oyster time! Raw oysters have always been a favorite of Emily's.

Delicious, cold, salty Appalachicola Oysters. We are blessed to live in Birmingham and be able to get these so fresh.

Princess with her Lamby, and her thumb.

This one is for Brad's mom, Mozza, all the way in Australia. She would be so proud to see these two in their Saints shirts! (Australian football team, or footy)

Happy 6th Birthday, Anna!

But she is too young to be 6! Wasn't she just born yesterday? : (

Entertaining Casey while waiting for her sisters to finish ballet.

Trying to relax in the tub while staring at the girls' toys. Don't they have their own tub?

Entertaining both of them while waiting for Emily to finish ballet.

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