Thursday, August 23, 2012

Caught up!!

I haven't been taking a lot of pictures, so I had to really make these streeeetchhhh to be caught up. We have been a little busy with school starting, etc.! Thanks for looking!
Noah at his dive meet in Wisconsin.

Fun in the summertime!

His favorite thing to be doing- watching baseball.

At the Madison Mallards game.


Back home again to Alabama- this butterfly welcomed us home.

See anything unusual? Check out the photo below.

Well, hello there, little lizard!

Mom's weekend at the lake- kid free! Doesn't it look peaceful?

Let me tell ya, we made sure it wasn't peaceful! Can't you tell I'm happy to have a break? : )

Natalie and I on the boat.

Took the girls to Buck Creek! That's them under the waterfall.

Ms. Sassy Pants.

Emily during the filming of a commercial for Camp Smile a Mile.

Killing time on a rainy day at the mall..


Popsicles after meet the teacher.

Cooking pizzas in the rain- thanks Chris!

First day of school!

Fourth grade!

First Grade!

All the crazy kids at the bus stop.

My lunch date while her sister's are in school.

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