Monday, January 17, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress!

Today we had the pleasure of joining my brother's fiance (my future sister-in-law, Christi) at the bridal shop in Huntsville- Emily and Anna were in heaven, and as you can see Emily was picking out her future wedding dress. : ) Christi did say "yes" to a dress (not the one pictured- the official one is top secret) and it is beautiful! Funny story- Anna really thought we were going to be on the show. She walked into the shop very shyly, then asked me after a while where the TV cameras were! Ha!


  1. Adorable!! Emily looks so amazing! Look at that, she's a brunette now like you! Anna is the only blonde left! I

  2. The real dress will have "Roll Tide" embroidered on the back. LOL