Friday, November 18, 2011


The last two weeks have been so busy and eventful that I have had photographer's block with my own family! Throw in an overnight stay at the hospital for me, and I have gotten really behind. I know I will look back at these photos and wish I had taken the time to be more creative and thoughtful when taking them, but oh well, that's life! I am now re-motivated and have some exciting, fun days coming up!

Self-portrait of Anna on my iphone.

Portrait of Anna's American Girl on my iphone- pretty impressed with her composition- she even used the rule of thirds!

The fall school craft projects have started rolling in. Here is Casey's Thankful Candle.

Casey being silly.

Fun at the park!

Anna's apple turkey.

More fun at the park with Anna's friend Harper.

He is going to kill me for this one- but it is a daily chore when you've got a golden retriever!!

Casey watching big sister in ballet.

Trying to keep Casey busy today while I "rest".

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