Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Framing herself.

Proof that Daddy helped with pumpkins this year.

While scooping, Emily got a scoopful to the face!

Flower girl with her peace pumpkin.

Emily, Kathryn, and Isabella.

From left, Harper, Jacqueline, Jordan, Anna, Isabella, Daisy, Elizabeth, Casey, Emily, Kathryn, and Kemp.

I love my neighborhood! 18 kids pictured here and two toddlers had escaped.

Ultimate comfort food for the first day of November- ham and scalloped potatoes made by my mom!
We had such a fun and busy weekend! From my moms church group Halloween party on Friday, football on Saturday, pumpkin carving on Sunday, and trick or treating on Monday, I am ready for a break!

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