Monday, October 17, 2011

Crazy fall....

Smart girl!

We love our little patio- we've got to get a fire pit so we can enjoy it when the weather turns cold!

Got to see some beautiful early mornings from some beautiful places in Birmingham while doing photo sessions this weekend. This one was from Vulcan.

Christmas trees, getting ready to be cut and decorated!

My littlest ballerina- asleep on the way to ballet.
I'm barely keeping my head above water these days between photo sessions, school for the kids, keeping a household, football, ballet, birthday parties, etc! We love being busy doing normal things! Anyway, my nightly blog entry has suffered- sorry, everyone, but sometimes you'll just have to wait for a big chunk of pics at once! I'll probably do a blog again next year (how could I not?) and the winter months are perfect for this blog.

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