Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun week

This week was busy but fun! I did not take a picture on Tuesday, so I'm posting some of the beautiful view we had in North Carolina. Maybe I should take up nature photography- it's much easier than chasing toddlers around trying to get them to cooperate! The next one was taken while scouting locations with a photographer friend of mine, Anette Ball. I think this one of the girls has to be my new all-time favorite- despite the fact that they were acting horrid complaining about the bugs, etc, and they were not dressed for pics AT ALL. I just love their expressions and the fact that they really look like they love each other! Ha! I'm going to pull this picture up when they are screaming at each other. Finally, the last one was taken this morning on the way to the school bus- today was "hat and sunglasses" day at school. She was pretty proud of her outfit.

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