Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trip to North Carolina with the Carithers

Sitting in rush hour traffic in Atlanta. I am actually on the interstate here- notice it says zero mph. And yes, I do need an oil change.

From left, Anna, Brenna, Casey, Emily, and Noah on the front porch swing at the log cabin.


The kids on our last morning.
Last weekend we were fortunate enough to travel to the mountains of North Carolina (near Brevard, to be exact) to spend some quality time with one of our favorite families, the Carithers. We have known them since shortly after we moved to Florida, and our kids grew up together until we both moved away. Brenna and Emily were best friends for a long time- they met when they were 15 and 18 months! It is so nice to see them together as if they were never apart.

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